A New Milestone; A New Website

October 09, 2016

Today marks a great milestone day for Kids & Code; the launch of a new website.  Why is this an important milestone?  It is the first website launch since becoming an official non-profit organization.

Kids & Code is about 2 years old; however, it was previously running as Ottawa CoderDojo.  CoderDojo is a global movement that gives groups around the word a means to start offering coding clubs.  After about a year and a half of operating as this type of volunteer lead club, we saw the need to grow and expand; to answer the need from parents in offering kids more.

After a considerable review of other non-profits and their missions, such as CoderDojo, we decided to rebrand and make it official – Kids & Code was born.  Kids & Code is not only a coding club, but what is it?  What is the mission?

Kids & Code is a non-profit dedicated to expanding the knowledge of computer programming to all school aged children across Canada. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn how to code and that this learning should be encouraged through clubs, camps, and curriculum.

Our mission is to bring the teaching of computer programming into schools, ensure that parents are aware of the benefits of coding, and to offer a space where kids can come, learn and create.

So we ask again why is the launch of a website such an important milestone?  Because it allows us to officially be seen, it makes Canada aware of our mission and goals, it shows businesses who currently supports us and hopefully will encourage others to also support, and it shows parents how to get started in getting their kids learning to code.

We recognize that this is just one milestone and we have a much larger journey ahead, but we are very excited to share the journey with you; starting with the new website: http://www.kidsandcode.org

A New Partnership; Code.org